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Sheila Harris is the President of Harris Brand Management. She is recognized as an engaging and results-focused leader, communicator and strategist.

With over 25 years of experience, she brings a wealth of experience to her clientele--applying innovation and creativity in the development of bold communications and public relations initiatives. Clients seek her expertise to help them to identify their strengths and to develop their brand story. She also serves as a trusted advisor when addressing challenges and handling public relations crises.

She spent the majority of her career working within the public relations department of ESSENCE Magazine for more than two decades, where she successfully led national efforts for the brand’s publicity campaigns and red carpet events.

Sheila is the host/producer of the "Starts and Stops with Sheila Harris" podcast. She is also the author of Calling Revealed: 7 Spiritual Lessons to Uncover Your Purpose.

Recently, she was featured in SELF magazine's "Group Shot" story highlighting what a 52-year old looks like without makeup.

Sheila is a life coach, speaker and author, who is passionate about inspiring and empowering others. (Photo, Mychal Watts)

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